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In unserem Training vermitteln wir alles was dieser Sport zu bieten hat. Von Fitness und Kondition bis zum Reaktionstraining. Trainiert wird in der Gruppe, in Einzellektionen und Freigefechten.

Bei uns wird Fechten überwiegend als Freizeitsport betrieben. Turnierteilnahmen sehen wir als Gelegenheit für alle Mitglieder sich selbst zu beweisen, Spaß mit anderen Fechtern zu haben und neue Eindrücke zu bekommen.


Unsere Fechter


Bira de Freitas

Interview mit Bira im März 2016:
-Wie alt bist du ?
Ich bin 39.
-Wie bist du zum Fechten gekommen?
I was living in France and I was looking for some physical activity. Since Normandy is not known for its fair weather, I was looking for something indoor. A college from work mentioned her fencing club and said they had a beginners course for adults. I thought it could be nice. As a kid I have played with toy swords and dreamed of light sabers. As I grew old, I've nursed from time to time the idea of trying fencing but there are not many opportunities to do that in Brazil. The clubs are few and the equipment expensive. Finally the time has come for me to give it a try. After a contact with the club, I went for my first fencing session. I was told that I could come for a month to see if I like it before deciding whether to join the club or not. I didn't need this time. After the first session I was already hooked. Fencing was so much fun! The people were so nice! I felt so welcome. I joined the club. Fencing continued to be fun. Initial progress is fast. Soon we in the beginners group were fencing each other. I was so glad that I even joined the club board in order to help with the club activities. -Wie lange fichst du schon? Seit 2007. -Was waren deine größten Erfolge? I went to very few competitions and my results were nothing to speak about. So instead I'll tell about what I consider a memorable point. Once I was in the Salle d'Armes and another fencer invited me to fence him. We were using epées, his weapon of choice while mine is foil, and he was much more experienced than me, so it was no surprise that he totally defeated me. Until you look at our ages. I was 32, he was 79. I wasn't holding back. I could certainly move faster than him, but his superior technique and precision were enough to beat my greater strength and agility. After the match he patiently stood some time giving me hints on how I could improve my technique. At what other sport could someone his age beat someone my age in combat? Some years later he decided to stop fencing. He did that not because he couldn't fence anymore, but because he realized his friends were holding back on him so that he could win. He couldn't stand that. -Was gefällt dir am Fechten? First and foremost, it is fun! Fencing is like playing with toy swords again, but completely safe and having learned how to do it well. And with clear rules that solve that ancient playground problem of "I got you!--No, you don't!". It is also inclusive. We all train together: old and young, men and women, native and immigrant. Fencing was an important part of my integration in France. It allowed me to meet people outside the research institute I was working. Finally, it introduced me to how a club works. All of us in the club board were volunteers. We were there because we loved our club and the sport. For me, it was like a second family. -Was sind deine Ziele? First, to keep fencing. Also to continue to improve my technique. Last but not least, to continue to help here in my new club.


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